Corporate Policy

Our Corporate Policy is the Guideline for our Business


Our Customers – Our Partners

It is our goal to fulfill our customers enquiries  (goods, information, consulting, support, service) according to the agreed quality, keeping the agreed delivery time, within the agreed scope, at reasonable prices and in consideration of the environmental aspects.

The resulting requirements as well as the technical, economical agreements and deadlines shall be fulfilled to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

In order to correspond with the expectations and requirements of our esteemed customers and to fulfill advanced and reliable performance we take care for a smooth process in all our departments, where our staff, suppliers, management and owners are involved.

We look to our customers as partners. Our ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our partners.

Looking for suitable, customized solutions we work very close together with our customers, we are competent, guarantee permanent support and after-sales-service to ensure a long-time and trustful relation and cooperation with our customers.


Our Staff –Motivation and Team Spirit

The Management from Secu-Tech is permanently encouraging the environmental- and quality-awareness of all staff members in all levels.

To fulfill all the requirements of our customers our well selected expert staff is permanently attending trainings and further education. By improving our qualifications permanently, we increase our performance to grow continuously.

Our staff is accepting the challenges of the future, they take responsibility and design in that way the character and power of our company.

In that way we increase the development and competitiveness of our company and the guarantee for our jobs and can come up with innovative products and solutions in the international competition.


 Our Suppliers – long-term partnerships are guaranteeing quality of products

With our suppliers we have long-term and good cooperation and partnerships and are working together for smoothly production processes keeping constant quality.

We take care that also our suppliers are keeping quality standards and carry responsibility in terms of environment and ethics.


Our Products – highest quality in all areas

We offer products for EX- and non-EX areas. In both areas, we pay attention to the highest quality. All applicable laws and guidelines are considered. In this context, customer-specific requirements are taken into account.


The Environment – for all of us

We take care for economical use of raw materials and energy and use, if possible, recyclable materials. By continuous improvement of our processes and products and by working according the regulations and standards, usable for us, we contribute to decrease and prevention of environmental pollution.


Our Company – our Management – we all

In our company we specially take care for confidence and estimation, motivation and success, acceptance and development, the teamwork and the equal opportunities of our staff.

A main value is given to the responsibility in the contact with business partners and third parties, information, confidentiality and protection of data privacy as well as the ethic responsibility and the responsibility to protect human and environment.

All our staff is carrying the above objectives. This and cost-conscious and sustainable work are parts of our success.