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The LRC-Small is an intrinsically safe handheld transmitter with overfill prevention function and additional remote control functions. The standard LRC-Small supports limit value transmitter (GWG) according to TRbF or EN 13616, other systems support optical limit switches and float probes (e.g. ship refueling) as well as probes with relay contacts.

The following functions can be performed with LRC Small:

  • Motor (pump) start / stop
  • Filling start / stop
  • Rotational speed control
  • Loading process interruption
  • Wind / rewind hose drum
  • Dead man function
  • ANA function (Germany)
  • Automatic fill stop

The LRC Small is ATEX approved and has the certificate ATEX TÜV-A 00.ATEX.0001X Eex ib (ia) IIB T4. The LRC Small handheld transmitter is small, lightweight, easy to use, reliable and suitable for the direct connection to the limit switch plug. In the 433 MHz radio frequency band, the LRC-Small works very narrow-band and temperature-stable, making it ideal for use in cold environments or in the case of large temperature differences (e.g. driver's cab +20 degrees, outdoor use -15 degrees).

The LRC Small is plugged directly on to the limit probe, while the device checks the functionality of the limit probe and then releases the opening of the valves (start of the pump) automatically. For use in potentially explosive atmospheres, the LRC Small is equipped with an intrinsically safe, high-capacity battery unit. These LRC Small / Batt intrinsically safe batteries are simple, easy to replace and have capacity for more than 18 hours of continuous operation. The radio link is classified in the open field with over 1000m range as sufficient and very good. Even in tanks in the basement or in the urban area, LRC reaches ranges of 300 to 500 m. In the event of radio failure, faulty probe or other unforeseeable events, the system always switches to the safe state and switches off. Overfill is not possible.


  • Overfill prevention without compromise
  • No use of cables
  • Optimized loading / unloading processes
  • Simplified work processes
  • Time and cost savings
  • Safety and productivity increase
  • Environmental Prevention
  • Suitable for any product
  • "Fail Safe" and "Fail to Safe System"


  • Mineral oil products (EX and not EX)
  • Chemical products
  • LPG, technical gases
  • Ship refueling
  • Loading/Unloading of tanker-trucks
  • Filling of stationary tanks, and much more

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