SECU Tank is a selection of different level indicators with various different functions. It is measured in the tank by means of level measuring probes. The units are available for simple tank-to-tank information, to route tank information over the Internet or through LAN systems.

Elektronische Füllstandsmessung

Electronic level measurement with local fuel gauge and remote monitoring of tanks and tank farms.

  1. Tank indicator for tanks up to 10,000 liters (Home area)
  2. Professional tank indicator for tanks with more than 100m³
  3. Level indicator for monitoring up to 4 tanks


  • Tank content monitoring for all types of tanks and liquids
  • Tank monitoring with remote data transmission

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Product variants

  • SECU Tank ONE: Single tank monitoring with display
  • SECU Tank RELAY: Single tank monitoring with relay switching
  • SECU Tank DATA GSM: Single tank monitoring with remote data transmission
  • SECU Tank QUATTRO GSM: quadruple tank monitoring with remote data transmission
  • SECU Tank NET: single tank monitoring including LAN connection
  • SECU Tank NET-4: quad tank monitoring including LAN network connection
SECU Tank ONE 1000x1000 SECU Tank RELAY 1000x1000 SECU Tank DATA 1000x1000 SECU Tank QUATTRO 1000x1000 SECU Tank NET 1000x1000 SECU Tank NET4 1000x1000

Application Example Air Field Tanks Monitoring

01 Secu TANK Relay ok new

Secu Tank Quattro 10MB

Application field

SECU TANK Darstellung  Secu Tank Data 2

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