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LRC REC2 is the radio signal receiver box with changeable antenna part (suitable for indoor and outdoor use) and is usually mounted at the highest position of the tanker truck. Connected to the LRC / Charger in the cabin of the tanker, the delivery of the liquid is controlled by closing / opening valves.

The radio receiver box LRC REC2 is also a selfmade development of Secu-Tech. The connected antenna rod on the receiver box can be changed or removed if necessary. On the one hand, radio technology is extremely narrow-band developed, which guarantees a high immunity to interference and a long range. On the other hand, the device is highly temperature-independent, so that the range does not even decrease with a temperature difference of 60 ° C (eg LRC-Small at the house wall at -30 ° C and receiver box at the cab at + 30 ° C). Such temperature-insensitive radio modules are otherwise found only in military applications at very high prices.





  • LPG tank facilities
  • Loading/Unloading of chemical products
  • Ship refueling
  • Refueling of LPG tanker trucks
  • Filling of stationary tanks and much more

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