Tankmonitoring provides a central web-based data management platform that receives tank level information from various sources and evaluates them. The data is visible in one platform in a graphically form.

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  • Monitoring of one or more tanks
  • Level monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring possible
  • Battery status monitoring
  • Tanks shown on a digital map
  • Can be used for route plannings


  • Representation of all tanks in one network
  • Data from different SECU-TECH level gauges in one platform
  • Connection of third-party-devices possible
  • High- and low- level alarms can be set/ Email alarms
  • Multiple users can be set according to a hierarchy system
  • In the dashboard, a total of products from different tanks is visible
  • For battery powered level sensors, the battery status can be displayed
  • Display of the data history
  • Integration of tank tables to reach a higher accuracy

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