LRC Charger

secu tech lrc charger


The LRC Charger is at the same time a charger for the LRC-Small / Batt batteries, as well as amplifier for overfill prevention. The LRC Charger is usually mounted in the cabin of the cab. The LRC Charger is the central unit for the complete system.

Functions of the LRC Charger:

  • Remote Control in Ex Zone
  • Engine start / stop
  • Rotational speed control
  • Filling process interruption
  • Deadman
  • Battery operated (ATEX approved battery pack) with long life battery


  • Mineral oil products (EX and not EX)
  • Chemical products
  • LPG, technical gases
  • Ship refueling
  • Loading and unlading of a tank trucks
  • Filling of stationary tanks, and much more.

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