Stationary Overfill Prevention ES31 for EX Applications to be used with Limit Probes (PTC)

LS300 LS300

Stationary Overfill Prevention LS300 and LS500 for EX Applications – Thermistor based

With the thermal level detector (LS 300 with LS 500) with ATEX approval, your business and valuable liquid assets are protected. Our solution comprises a sensor, LS 300, which sits inside the tank and a transducer, LS 500, which manages the output relays. For polluting, corrosive and expensive liquids, the LS 300 with LS 500 certified as overfill prevention is an indispensable component for environmental and business protection.


  • Any tank type or size
  • Collecting vats
  • Storage tanks
  • Benzine tanks
  • High tanks

Advantages and Features:

  • Easy installation due to a 2-wire connection to the transducer, protected against reverse polarity
  • The level detector requires no maintenance after installation; no hidden costs
  • No on-site calibration required
  • Self-testing sensor
  • Full- and empty alarms
  • SIL2 certified

Product Information LS300-LS500

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