The programme SECU DATA Manager is visualizing the level informations sent from the SECU DATA Level devices and is producing data for evaluation and further processing.

Levels can be sent from different kinds of level gauges with 4-20mA output as well as from different tank locations (up to 100 tanks) to a PC.

On the PC a local programme is installed – the SECU DATA Manager – from where the tanks can be integrated, configured and calibrated and the data of the filling levels are provided to the operator in real time.

MAin Features:

  • Wireless measure- and data-transfer without galvanic connection
  • To be used in EX areas (SD 420L, SD 421L, SD 232L)
  • Protection IP67 for outdoor use
  • No cabling between measuring and control unit and office PC
  • Fast installations without digging work
  • highest reliability - interference-free radio connection with automated channel selection
  • Control of up to 100 tanks in 1 cluster
  • Range of up to 1500 m for local tanks
  • Tanks out of range to be connected via modem

Secu Data Manager

Secu Data Manager

Secu Data Manager

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