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The products of the SECU-DATA series use the latest technologies for the transmission of measurement data via radio links in the 433 MHz band

for a wide range of applications:

Wireless data transmission of

  • 4-20 mA signals
  • Relay contact states
  • Namur signals
  • TRbF signals (Thermistor probes PTC)
  • RS232









  • Transmission of measured values in the Ex and non-Ex areas
  • Ideal for plant extensions
  • No wiring
  • No digging works
  • No chiselling work
  • Fast installation, cost-effective - "plug and play"
  • Direct connection of sensors
  • Highest reliability
  • Transmission Range up to 1.5 km

Features and Functions:

  • 64 channels in 8 blocks outdoors 433 MHz band Automatic channel selection
  • IP 67 for outdoor applications
  • Narrowbanded, interference-proof, temperature-stable
  • permanent monitoring of radio status
  • Temperature-stable radio module: -30 ° C ... + 75 ° C
  • The radio module complies with EN 300 220


The SECU-DATA M modules are available for transmitting 4-20 mA signals with 12-bit resolution or 16-bit resolution to a receive module SECU-DATA C.
M stands for measuring point. The 4-20 mA current signals of the encoder are digitized and transmitted via radio link to the SECU-DATA C (Control).
The radio-transmitted signals are converted back into 4-20 mA currents and made available at the output for further evaluations.
4-20mA signals are very often used in process control, that is why this module can be used universally for many applications.


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