The products of the SECU-DATA series use the latest technologies for the transmission of measurement data via radio links in the 433 MHz band for a wide range of applications:

Wireless data transmission of

  • 4-20 mA signals
  • Relay contact states
  • Namur signals
  • TRbF signals(thermistor probes PTC)
  • RS232

Typical applications include process monitoring, process automation in the industry, evaluation of various sensors for temperature, humidity, level in the chemical industry, remote monitoring of all sensors with analog output and 4-20 mA interface, as they are often used in process technology or level indicator systems.
Special "barriers" with high current efficiency and stable output voltage allow applications in hazardous areas, in zone 1.

SECU DATA is a wireless measurement data transmission system, which was developed for industrial purposes especially for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The data can be transferred from the EX area to another area (EX or non-EX). Range is up to 1.5 km.


  • Measurement data transmission from potentially explosive areas to safe areas without galvanic connection.
  • No cabling, ground loops excluded.
  • Fast installation without pruning and digging work
  • Highest reliability
  • Transmission range (up to 1.5 km)


ATEX Certificate: TÜV-A 06ATEX0008X
Classification: II 2 G Ex i(a)b IIC T4