TEK 822 – Battery driven Level Gauging for LPG Tanks and other Liquid Products – for private and commercial use

fuellstand tek822 fuellstand tek822

Tek 822 is an ATEX approved LPG/Product Logger with flexible possibilities for sensor connections. It is battery driven and suitable for level gauging.


  • LPG tanks
    • Rochester R3D/ Twinsite Senior/Junior
  • Pressure sensor based level gauging in ventilated tanks
    • Kerosene, Diesel, Gasoline
    • Oil, Waste oil
    • Other hazardous/non hazardous liquids
  • Tanks
    • Fixed or mobile tanks
    • Ventilated or pressurized
    • Underground tanks
  • Configurable reports and alarm messages
  • Evaluation via the data management program „Tankmonitoring“
  • Tankmonitoring App available in App-Store


  • Accurate and reliable
  • Configurable intervals for data transfer (from hourly to monthly)
  • Programmable Alarms
  • Local temperature Measurments
  • Battery Level Reports
  • Re-configuration remotely possible
  • Easy to install

Application Example

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