LRC GAS Radio controlled overfill prevention systems

LRC GAS Radio controlled overfill prevention systems

Product overview

The LRC LPG system controls automatically the LPG tank level limit. When the permissible filling quantity is reached, the filling is automatically stopped by the contact of the liquefied gas at the limit probe. If required, the tanker driver can immediately interrupt or stop the filling process or control the speed by using the additional hand-held transmitter or directly on the LRC-Small Remote Control. The filling can also be interrupted/restarted directly on the LRC-Small transmitter. In countries where a limit probe is not mandatory in the tank and does not exist, the radio controlled overfill prevention is controlled by the EX radio remote control LRC-Small / Remote. A dead man (dead man time set by the manufacturer) is activated and the driver presses the STOP button as soon as the tank is full to close the valve on the tanker and finish the filling.

The following functions can be performed with the LRC-Small handheld transmitter or with the additional remote control:

  • Engine start / stop
  • Filling start / stop
  • Rotational speed control
  • Loading process interruption
  • Wind and rewind hose drum
  • Dead man function
  • ANA function (Germany)
  • Automatic fill stop


  • LPG tank facilities
  • Loading/Unloading of chemical products
  • Ship refueling
  • Refueling of LPG tank trucks
  • Filling of stationary tanks

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  • 100% overfill prevention
  • All remote control functions integrated in a single system
  • Limit probe -function test
  • No use of cables
  • Fast unloading increases the efficiency of tankers
  • Better utilization of the tanker vehicles, since effective time is saved for each unloading process
  • Easier handling and comfort for the driver


  • ATEX certificate: TÜV-A Ex-00.ATEX.0001X, Classification LRC-Small / Gas and LRC-Small / Batt: II2 (1) G EEx ib [ia] IIB T4
  • CE conformity: compliant with EN 55011/1998, EN50082-2, directive 95/54 / EC
  • Radio module: compliant with EN 300 220-1, tested by Senton Germany


  • VdTÜV component code TÜ-AGG 340-01
  • VdTÜV component code ÜS1.06-50 LPG
  • EU-prescribed EEC type-approval for automotive electronics: e12 02 0094

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