Special Sensors

Secu-Tech offers different kinds of Sensors to connect to different Theft Control Systems from own production (SECU Truck Control and SECU MultiTank SPD) but also for other applications and customer product connections.

Secu-Tech offers Tilt Sensors to detect position or inclination, which are for example used for all kinds of man-lids, even and a lot for retrofit purposes.  The Inclination Sensors have a Namur interface to recognize every manipulation.

Other Tilt Sensors are used for control of instrument boxes on every kind of tanker-trucks, whereas these are equipped with a special developed lock-mechanism.

For controlling API Couplings Secu-Tech offers Wet-Leg-Sensors as well as Proximity Sensors.

Valve Boxes with Namur interface, which includes pressure switches for bottom valves as well as magnet-valves to keep the system safe from manipulation, whereas the output lines are retrofitted with copper, round off the tamper-proof solutions.

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