Electronic level gauge with tank contents in volume percent and liter. All tank shapes can be detected by ultrasonic measurement. The tank data can be sent via data transfer to mobile radio or data management programs. LC 200 is maintenance-free and highly reliable.


LC 200 is an electronic display / measuring device based on ultrasonic measurement. The tank content is displayed in liters and percent volume and can send measurement data via SMS.
All common tank shapes can be measured. The installation is simple. LC 200 is maintenance-free and extremely reliable. The level measurement is carried out by means of ultrasound in the tank. The indicator is directly on the tank top.
The devices are battery operated or equipped with mains plug.

Display / Information:

  • Tank content in liters
  • Tank content in percent
  • Distance in cm (from the sensor to the current level)

Consumption evaluation:

  • Average daily consumption in liters
  • Stock in days


  • Heating oil tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Oil tanks
  • Lubricant tanks
  • AdBlue tanks

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Product variants

  • LC 200: Battery operated level indicator with SMS data transmission
  • LC 201: 230V / 6V power supply; Level indicator with SMS data transmission

Application field

LC 200 Level Indicator 

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