LC 100 is an electronic instrument for displaying the tank contents in volume percent and liters. All common tank shapes are supported. The measurement is carried out without contact with 40 kHz ultrasonic pulses. The assembly is very simple. LC 100 is maintenance-free and highly reliable.

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Level measurement by means of ultrasound in the tank. The display is mounted directly on the tank top or with a 5m cable connection near to the tank. The devices are available battery operated or equipped with mains plug.

Display / Information:

  • Tank content in liters
  • Tank content in percent
  • Distance in cm (from the sensor to the current level)

Consumption evaluation:

  • Average daily consumption in liters
  • Stock in days


  • Heating oil tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Oil tanks
  • Lubricant tanks
  • AdBlue tanks

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Product variants

  • LC 100: Battery operated level indicator
  • LC 101: 230V / 6V power supply / level indicator
  • LC 102: 230V / 6V power supply + 5 m cable
  • LC 103: Battery operated level indicator + 5 m cable

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Application Example: LC 100 for chemical applications

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