Petroleum companies and hauliers want to prevent product mix and overfilling, which occurs when unloading the tank truck at the petrol stations or when loading at the loading facilities. As a result, oil companies and hauliers are eliminating the tremendous costs and burdens associated with crossfill and overfill accidents to protect their reputation and brand.

The complete system "SECU Multi Tank" contains all components for the fuel delivery, starting with the loading of the tank truck at the gantry until the fuel is unloaded at the filling station. Quality assurance (QSS), overfill prevention (AS) and grounding control are integrated. Faulty refueling and environmental damage caused by overfilling are thereby not possible.

multitank vom depot zur tankstelle


Available components for tanker vehicles:

  • SECU MultiTerm - main operating unit for SECU MultiTank, preferably installed on the loading side
  • SECU MultiTerm-2 - additional operating unit for SECU MultiTank, preferably installed on the unloading side
  • SECU MultiPower - supply and valve control unit with limit probe evaluation and grounding cable, 20 inputs
  • SECU MultiControl – Control unit includes reader and retain modules and SPD modules in case to upgrade for sealed parcel delivery
  • SECU MultiGPS - for position determination (logging of all processes with exact position)
  • SECU Truck COP-Tester - filling station and depot simulator (for tank truck manufacturers and service companies)
  • Plug Tester Truck - Check of the overfill prevention and grounding system on the tank truck installation.


The central control unit of the SECU MultiTank system is located on the tank truck. There it is decided whether a release for loading and unloading can be given.
The tank truck compartments can be filled with different products at each loading, unless there is still residual product from the last delivery in the compartment.
Loading arms usually carry the same product (or the same products) and rarely change, as well as the tanks at the petrol station.

SECU MultiTank must ensure that no crossfill and overfill can happen, neither during loading at the gantry nor during unloading at the petrol station. This is done by comparing the product codes with the product code in the compartment, the loading and unloading will not be released if it is not the same product. Of course, empty chambers can be filled with another product. But as soon as there is a residual quantity left in the compartment from the last delivery, the release will only take place if the same product is assigned to the loading arm. At the petrol station, the connection of the respective tank is also compared to the product code of the PID at the corresponding petrol station coupling, and released only if the product codes are identical. Otherwise, the bottom valve on the vehicle remains closed until the operator has made the correction accordingly. The error display can be read on the LCD display of the SECU MultiTerm. The product codes are transmitted via the conductive hose (with the SECU O2-PID also the information on overfill prevention) or via the conductive loading arm. At the same time, the vapor recovery connections and the earthing connections are monitored. If these are not in order, there will be no release.

By integrating the SECU MultiGPS, the position of the tanker can be stored and controlled along with every action of the driver. This data allows complete control of the logistics chain for quality control.

This data can be read out directly from the SECU MultiTerm or transmitted to the tank truck via an interface to the on-board computer system or via a modem and evaluated via a corresponding data management program. The system can also evaluate various other sensors on the tank truck and thus transmit additional information about the tank truck itself and the status of the respective units in real time and location.

Thus, every action of the driver on the tanker can be monitored in real time and with position determination and unauthorized accesses can be recognized immediately. This is presented in a specially developed graphical design in the data management program.

Using the sealed parcel delivery feature provides control and control of the entire logistics chain, such as email alerts, live tracking, and geo-fencing.Everything in a mature data management program. (see Anti-Theft Systems (Sealed Parcel Delivery SPD)


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