secu multi plexer

Central control unit of up to 6 limit switches:

  • The SECU Multiplexer can control and evaluate up to 6 limit value transmitters (e.g. thermistor probes) with a single connecting line to the tanker. With another module, up to 12 sensors can be controlled. Furthermore, this connection leads to a fixed grounding control

Ground Control:

  • The 12-pole cable from the SECU MultiTank system on the tank truck carries out simultaneously a fixed grounding check at the filling station. If this earth connection is missing or if it is interrupted, no discharge is possible.

Overfill Prevention:

  • Each limit switch is controlled individually by the tank truck electronic with the SECU MultiTank system during unloading process. When the maximum level is reached, the limit switch responds and the SECU MultiTank system immediately stops filling the corresponding tank. This stop does not affect the unloading to the remaining tanks.



  • No own power supply necessary
  • The SECU Multiplexer is normally located in the filling shaft of the filling station and does not require its own power supply. The necessary intrinsically safe power supply is provided by the tanker with the SECU MultiTank system via a 12-pin cable.
  • For markets in which EN 13616 is not required, a 4-20 mA signal from existing Level Gauging sensors can be evaluated as an overfill prevention.



  • A second SECU multiplexer can be installed at any time to check a total of 12 limit switches.
  • The SECU Multiplexer is normally installed in the filling shaft of the gas station and is certified as an intrinsically safe version for Ex Zone 1.

Highest safety:

  • The intrinsically safe supply of the device ensures a high degree of safety. The rugged, weatherproof housing (IP 67) is designed for harsh everyday use.

ATEX certified:

  • for zone 1


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